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Presidents' Address

Welcome to our official site for the Sussex Law Society.

I would like to welcome everyone to our society and express my gratitude towards all those who elected me. Working within the Law Society has been a wonderful experience so far and I cannot wait for all the future plans and ideas to come to fruition.

I hope you enjoy your membership and join us to our events.


Yours sincerely, 

Iakovina Mitousi, President of the Sussex Law Society 


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The University of Sussex Law Society are proud to host alongside the University of Sussex Politics Society, and the University of Sussex Students'​ Union an upcoming Livestream event: "In Conversation with Gina Miller" on July 31st at 3pm BST. Make sure you respond to this Facebook event to be notified:

Gina Miller, activist and businesswoman, joins us to discuss her career as a campaigner for social justice and her thoughts on Brexit, followed by a live audience Q&A.

Miller gained prominence in 2016, twice fighting the British government in the Supreme Court and winning both cases, in what would become landmark moments in Britain’s journey towards exiting the European Union.

A vocal opponent of a ‘hard Brexit’, she has launched the Best for Britain campaign and was a proponent for tactical voting. In 2017, Miller was named the ‘UK’s Most Influential Black Person’, and has since become one of Britain's most prominent activists.


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