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The Law Family Scheme is a student-led initiative within Sussex Law School, and we are looking for students from all years to become members of the ‘family’.

 the Law Family Scheme

Starting law school can be a daunting experience and we believe that the Law Family Scheme could serve as a useful means of reducing the difficulties first-years face. The Scheme is intended to be a way of ensuring that first-years have an approachable point of contact - an experienced fellow student to turn to with any questions.

Autumn Welcome 2019


Law Family goes Ice Skating

Spring Tea & Biscuits Meeting

In essence, the Family Law Scheme links a first-year law student with a second-year law student, providing informal support by meeting up and sharing experiences and helpful tips. 


The scheme also offers the opportunity for first-year students to make new friends and create a sense of community in our Law School.


The second-year students will be called ‘parents’ and first years ‘children’. The first thing to stress is that this system is not a variation of a dating match initiative; it is completely platonic. It is purely focused on improving first-year students’ know-how and will hopefully provide a platform for new friendships and connections. The parents can then organise activities periodically throughout the year (family dinners, cafe meetups, movie nights, sporting events etc.) with their assigned children.



  • Attend an initial session where you will be linked with your child/parent

  • Commit to keeping in contact and meeting with your child/parent

  • Participate in socials

  • Provide feedback on how the scheme worked at the end of this academic year

Holding Plant
Forest Trees

Welcome Session

Movie & Pizza night

"To Kill a Mockingbird"

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